AIDA Friday Seminars

DateTitleSpeakerEvent linkDetails
16 November 2023Optimisation of Mobile Wireless Networks for IoT ApplicationsFehmi Noyan İsi – SPARK (NZ)LinkPoster
30 October 2023Disasters, Resilience and Artificial IntelligenceBurcu Balçık – Özyeğin U (TR)
Himmet Karaman – Istanbul Technical University (TR)
Celalettin Kozanoğlu – İzmir University of Economics (TR)
9 June 2023Advances in Electrical and Electronics EngineeringOsman Büyük – İDÜ EE, Selami Beyhan – İDÜ EE, Tuğrul Artuğ – İDÜEELinkPoster
10 December 2021Multimodal Information Retrieval and Efficient Semantic SearchYusuf Sarıgöz – SisaSoft Bilgi Teknolojileri (TR)LinkPoster
24 September 2021Development and Application of Data-Driven Approaches to Make Sense out of
Large-Scale and Heterogeneous Biomolecular Data
Tunca Doğan – Hacettepe University (TR)LinkPoster
17 September 2021Big Data at VestelOnur Uluağ – Vestel (TR)LinkPoster
20 August 2021Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) TalksDoğan Burak Ziyanak – Huawei (TR)
Berk Özyurt – Huawei (TR)

30 July 2021Fundamentals of Next Generation, Machine Learning Based Mobile Network AutomationTarık Kranda – P.I. Works (TR)LinkPoster
9 July 2021Artificial Intelligence Applications in Biomedical Signal ProcessingAydın Akan – İzmir University of Economics (TR)LinkPoster
2 July 2021Autonomous Mobile Robots and the Related Technologies – Advoard RoboticsPınar Oğuz Ekim – İzmir University of Economics – Advoard Robotics (TR)LinkPoster
18 June 2021Turkcell Artificial Intelligence Technologies – Real World ApplicationsBerkay Topçu – Turkcell (TR)LinkPoster
28 May 2021Detection and Correction of Cardiac MRI Quality Issues Using Deep Learningİlkay Öksüz – Istanbul Technical University (TR)LinkPoster
21 May 2021All you need is attention!Osman Büyük – İzmir Demokrasi Üniversitesi (TR)LinkPoster
7 May 2021Visual Intelligence for RetailCeyhun Burak Akgül – Vispera Bilgi TeknolojileriLinkPoster
23 April 2021Deep learning in limited resource environmentsOğuz Vuruşkaner – EyeCU (USA)LinkPoster
11 April 2021A new attribute weighting modelKemal Polat – Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University (TR)LinkPoster
26 March 2021Remote Sensing Computational Imaging in Marine Monitoring ApplicationsOktay Karakuş – Bristol University (UK)LinkPoster
19 March 2021Contrastive learning:Intro to supervised&self-supervised approachesFurkan Yesiler- Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) (ES)LinkPoster
12 March 2021Automatic Speech Recognition from Singing VoiceEmir Demirel – Queen Mary University of London(UK)LinkPoster
5 March 2021Contrastive learning of global and local features for medical image segmentation with limited annotationsErtunç Erdil – ETH Zurich (CH)LinkPoster
19 February 2021Main (Dominant) Melody Estimation from Polyphonic Music TracksDoğaç Başaran – Audible Magic (USA)LinkPoster

AIDA Teaching Activities

Stanford CS Bridge Introduction to Computer Programming is a three-week intensive summer course designed for high school juniors and seniors based on Stanford’s CS106A Programming Methodology course, which has been taught to thousands of university students worldwide and has trained thousands of student instructors. The course is taught by a team of Stanford Lecturers, CS106A Section Leaders, and local host university CS teachers and students.

CS Bridge launched in 2014 in Turkey with twenty-four high school students from around Turkey taking the course. The flagship program has grown into a very successful program, has been hosted by Koç University in Istanbul since 2016. Each year about 200 students from across the country
participate in the program. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the Koç University and Czech Technical University programs ran online with 150 students combined. This year the program is expanding to İzmir where the program will be run by Izmir Democracy University also including
teaching assistants from Izmir Institute of Technology.

The lectures will be given by the faculty members of Stanford University, Koç University and Izmir Democracy University ( Due to the pandemic conditions, the summer school will be held online in 2021 on weekdays between 2-19 August. Student application and selection process has been completed and 95 students have been accepted to the program. For more information, see the presentation document.