Senior researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Mortazavi

The Simulation and Optimal Design laboratory aims to develop new optimization techniques, surrogate models, and simulations, and assessing them on handling different types of engineering problems. Based on this framework the following headlines are in the focus of the current lab.

  • New optimization algorithms and methods
  • Auxiliary adaptation modules
  • Surrogate artificial models
  • Structural and mechanical optimal design
  • Probabilistic forecasting mechanisms
  • Fuzzy systems
  • Bayesian decision making mechanisms
  • Computational platforms

Selected Publications for This Lab:

  •  Mortazavi A., Interactive Fuzzy Bayesian Search Algorithm: A New Reinforced Swarm Intelligence Tested on Engineering and Mathematical Optimization Problems. Expert Systems with Applications. 2022:115954.
  • Mortazavi A., Bayesian Interactive Search Algorithm: A New Probabilistic Swarm Intelligence Tested on Mathematical and Structural Optimization Problems. Advances in Engineering Software. 2021;155:102994.
  • Mortazavi A., Solving structural optimization problems with discrete variables using interactive fuzzy search algorithm. Structural Engineering and Mechanics. 2021;79:247-65.
  • Mortazavi A., A new fuzzy strategy for size and topology optimization of truss structures. Applied Soft Computing. 2020;93:106412.
  • Mortazavi A., Size and layout optimization of truss structures with dynamic constraints using the interactive fuzzy search algorithm. Engineering Optimization. 2020:1-23.
  • Mortazavi A., Large-scale structural optimization using a fuzzy reinforced swarm intelligence algorithm. Advances in Engineering Software. 2020;142:102790.
  • Mortazavi A., Effect of fuzzy-membership function types on the search capability of Interactive Search Algorithm. Journal of Structural Engineering & Applied Mechanics. 2019;2:164-73.
  • Mortazavi A., Effect of Membership Function Type on Performance of the Fuzzy-Reinforced Metaheuristic Methods.  International Civil Engineering and Architecture Conference (ICEARC’19) Trabzon, Turkey 2019.
  • Mortazavi A., Interactive fuzzy search algorithm: A new self-adaptive hybrid optimization algorithm. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. 2019;81:270-82.