Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kemal AVCI

Members: Mervan TAN and Burak Korkmaz (MSc Students in EEE); Lal Selenay Şahin, Emre Güler, and Gökhan Öztürk (MSc Students in Mechatronics Eng.) 

Embedded systems and IoT Lab is dedicated to use of artificial intelligence, embedded systems, sensors, multimodal interactive technologies, and internet of things for different engineering applications (currently focused on sports and dance fields). 

Our main research topics are

  • Machine Learning Implementation for Embedded Systems 
  • AI Applications for Sports and Dance Technology  
  • Artificial Optimization Based Digital Filter Design
  • Wearable Sensor Technology
  • Motion Technology Applicatons
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Applicatons

Some of the courses we offer are listed below:

  • Advanced Microcontroller Applications (MSc-EEE)
  • Internet of Things (MSc-EEE)
  • Digital Filters (MSc-EEE)
  • Advaced Digital Filter Design (MSc-EEE)
  • Embedded Systems and Sensors (PhD-EEE)
  • Embedded Machine Learning (PhD-EEE) 
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Motion Technologies (PhD-EEE)
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Dance Technologies (PhD-EEE)